Cardiff University, September 6th & 7th 2018

The conference will bring together contemporary research into the various aspects of freedom and nature in Kant’s philosophy including: its significance for contemporary philosophy; the context and/or reception of Kant’s account of freedom and/or nature; the importance of freedom and/or nature for other aspects of Kant’s philosophy. 

The separation of freedom and nature is one of the most distinctive elements of Kant’s mature philosophy. In the 3rd Critique Kant describes freedom and nature as belonging to different domains, any connection between them is limited to the power of judgment that cannot produce constitutive knowledge of its objects. The relation between freedom and nature is essential for understanding Kant’s broader philosophical projects including (but not limited to): aesthetic and teleological judgments, political philosophy, philosophy of science, metaphysics, and anthropology. Moreover, the differences between the structure and orientation of critical idealism and contemporary philosophy has produced a variety of interpretations. On the one hand, a sympathetic interpretation of Kant’s philosophy might argue for the need to return to Kantian foundations as a way of clarifying issues in contemporary philosophy. Alternatively, these different foundations could be considered as justification for insurmountable differences between critical idealism and contemporary philosophy.

Dr. Angela Breitenbach (University of Cambridge)
Dr. Katerina Deligiorgi (University of Sussex)

Professor Desmond Hogan (Princeton University)
Professor Clive Cazeaux (Cardiff Metropolitan University)


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